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I facilitate connection…connection with oneself, animals, Spirit, and other humans. 

As a nurse I have had the privilege to walk beside thousands of struggling human beings. I am constantly amazed by the resiliency of the human spirit.

I have been struck by the honesty and willingness with which horses and other animals call forth a human’s best self, invite us to remove masks and challenge us to live up to our divine self. We can be unbridled by our past, any current belief systems or any diagnoses. I have witnessed rapid transformations of long-held blocks in a person's view of themselves and their emotional, physical and spiritual health when their energy is unblocked and flowing.  

I am honored that a teen appreciates that I am not here to fix him, but rather I am here working also on my own stuff.

With the support of amazing people we have founded a new nonprofit, Unbridled Spirit 7, helping people break free from what binds them, opening them to new possibilities.

I previously co-founded Animals as Natural Therapy, which I shepherded for 21 years until we received the nonprofit of the year award in 2019.  

I humbly welcome your heart to this journey.

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Program Facilitator and Executive Administrator

I am honored to share this love of animals with others who want to learn and listen.  This work is important and I myself cant wait to keep learning so that I can continue to empower others to see their own light. 

Program Facilitator & Animal Care 

Working with horses has always been a huge part of my life, I love sharing this love with others and learning through our sessions at the farm. 


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Executive Director & Program Facilitator

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Finance & Operations Manager and Program Facilitator  

I saw a little thing in the newspaper and put it on my frig for three or four years. Finally I signed up for a farm tour at CSL's Mind Body Spirit fair in 2015 and have been in love with these horses ever since and the miracles I witness.

Mentor and Board Member

Joni retired as a nurse working in public health for 31 years. She enjoys her horse companions, organic gardening and just being outside (in the sunshine). 

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Joni Hensley

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Board of Directors

Board Chair - Sierra James
Board Members - Joni Hensley 
Paul James 
Sally Majkut
Nancy Orlowski
Karabo Breeding
Niko Branek