Unbridled Spirit is committed to empowering you to live a happier and healthier life. Together we look at possibilities and help you find new ways to  achieve your goals, letting go of ineffective habits.

(Contact to inquire about scholarships) 


Family Sessions 

$150 per session 

Take home insight & tools for support through transition & challenges. The horses help us identify family patterns by acting out family dynamics thus gently inviting everyone to talk about what's working and what's not. Each family member comes to partner up with a horse who seems to reflect their own personality.  


Personal Wellness

$100 for an hour session 

Accept the invitation of a horse (or llama) to honestly see your truest self. 


Group Wellness Sessions 

The horses will challenge you to develop clear and respectful communication skills to plan ahead and work together as a cohesive team. We plan ahead with your team to focus on areas you want to work on. 

Contact us for Pricing. 

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Energy Work 

$100 per session. 

The large energy field of the horse's heart supports our healing. Contact us for more information. 


Let us know what services you are seeking and whom they are for. Together we will talk about your goals and what outcomes you hope to get out of this experience. 

We have scholarships available, so do not let the price hold you back from accessing this life transformative experience.

Please contact us via email (unbridledspirit7@gmail.com

or leave us a message here. 


We offer family centered sessions and team building sessions. Together we can plan and brainstorm goals for your retreat or session. 

This last year we facilitated teacher retreats and workshops for various schools as well as non profit workshops. 


To discuss the various options please email unbridledspirit7@gmail.com